Jox Box Types:

Original Jox Box

First, Second, Third Bases

Consist of two 4' x 8' panels, one for each side of home plate.  Each panel is beveled six inches on all sides for player safety (especially when sliding into the box)

Each set weighs 385lbs.


A single panel that covers the sliding area, thus eliminating the dreaded holes.  This will prevent injuries and lawsuits.  We have a cut-out for any type of base.

Each Panel Weights 193


Deluxe Jox Box Baseball Wedge
Our deluxe model is made of the same materials and beveled around the edges.  But it covers the entire home plate area with a cut-out to accommodate any make of home plate.  This design is also simple to install.

Each set weighs 525lbs.


A single panel, wedge shaped, to be installed in front of the pitching rubber to give safe, dry, and comfortable landing area. Not recommended for use with metal cleats.

Each panel 135lbs.


Softball Mound Youth League Jox Box

A single panel that eliminates the dreaded hole in front of the pitchers landing area. Cut-out for pitching rubber.

Each panel weighs 193lbs

Youth league Jox Box that covers the entire home plate area with a cut-out to accompany any make of home plate.

Each panel 193lbs.



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